Specialized Treatment Programs


The Sexual Offenders Treatment Program was established in 1996 following a significant increase in referrals related to sexual offenses. It is one of several specialized treatment programs at St. Mary’s.


Boys in this program have been victims of sexual abuse or exposed to inappropriate, frequently aberrant sexual experiences.

In addition to the general criteria for admission to St. Mary’s, boys accepted for the Sexual Offenders Treatment Program may have assessment, polygraph and treatment consent forms must be signed by the boy and his guardian prior to admission.


Boys in this program have faulty sexual beliefs and sexual distortions, or perceptions of sexuality.

Our 18 to 24 month treatment program focuses on the moral, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of these young male offenders directing them toward a healthy, mature understanding of their sexuality.

Individual Treatment Plan

Our skilled therapists work with each boy to design his individual treatment plan. Individual, group, and family counseling provide the framework for the treatment plan.

Each boy spends 3 to 5 hours a week in individual and group therapy. Case Managers use cognitive/behavioral principles to reduce or eliminate sexual excesses and teach or enhance appropriate behaviors. Boys become aware of their excesses, deficits and develop compensatory skills for appropriate decision making.

Group counseling helps boys take responsibility for their past behavior, develop appropriate new behaviors, and re-enter the community as mature, healthy people. Each boy participates in group counseling up to 3 hours a week focused on the Pathways workbook and Relapse Prevention workbook:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Anger management
  • Characteristics of the sexual offender
  • Disclosure
  • Victimization
  • Human sexual response
  • Choosing friends
  • Meeting girls
  • Dating skills
  • Caring relationships
  • Relapse prevention


Case Managers evaluate each boy throughout his treatment, and prepare written evaluations and recommendations upon completion of our program.