Our residents have major educational problems, emotionally related, that interfere with their learning. Therefore, school is an important aspect of treatment at St. Mary’s.

St. Mary’s basic skills curriculum includes reading, language, math, computers, social studies, art, life skills, health, and physical education. A teacher and an aide teach each class of eight to ten students.

Individual Plans

Our teachers and Case Managers design an Individual Education Plan for each boy, specifying how his educational handicaps are to be eliminated so he can be mainstreamed into the least restrictive environment.

On-Campus School

Our ungraded school, the Levi Anderson Learning Center, is in session from September through June. Our teachers use the local school district’s curriculum materials center, film library, and speech/hearing services to supplement the program at St. Mary’s. Classes deliver instruction by licensed teachers and educational assistants who provide the necessary supervision, special education and related services. Â We hold half-day school for six weeks during the summer.

Off Campus Resources

When appropriate our residents are mainstreamed into local schools before they leave St. Mary’s. A resource teacher assures a smooth transition into the public school setting by working with the boy, St. Mary’s, and the off-campus school.

Boys who are not mainstreamed rejoin the community through the community college, job corps, GED, alternative living placements, vocational training, and on-the-job training.


Our teachers are certified with a Handicapped Learner Endorsement. The school is headed by a supervisor.


St. Mary’s educational program is funded through the Oregon Department of Education and Chapter I.