Medical Care


We believe a boy’s physical and emotional status are interrelated. Therefore, complete medical care is available for boys at St. Mary’s. In addition to a full-time Medical Coordinator on staff, a psychiatrist visits the campus weekly and provides for the behavioral needs of each boy. St. Mary’s has an agreement with Oregon Health Sciences University for pediatric care of each boy. The clinic is located near campus.

Health Evaluation

When admitted to St. Mary’s, each boy is screened for communicable disease and given a health evaluation. Within 30 days, the pediatrician conducts a complete physical examination. A health profile is prepared in conjunction with the pediatrician and psychiatrist, compiled and included in each boy’s file. Records of each resident’s health care are kept through his treatment stay and made available to his aftercare resource.

Hearing and Vision

Physicians in the community conduct hearing and vision screenings and provide any necessary follow-up.


A local dentist does dental screening and restorative care for the boys. An orthodontist in the area provides services to the boys when funding resources are available.

General Health Care

Routine and emergency health care services are available on a 24-hour basis through St. Mary’s staff, community physicians, and a local hospital.