About Us

Offering a Child a New Beginning Since 1889


Who we serve

Founded in 1889 as an orphanage for abandoned and wayward children, today St. Mary’s offers residential treatment and services to at-risk boys between the ages of 10 and 17 who are emotionally disturbed and behaviorally delinquent.  The individualized program provides each client with a structured regimen to ensure his successful transition to public school, the community, and appropriate living environment. Adolescent boys of all ethnic heritages and religious backgrounds are accepted.



Clients referred to our agency and those currently placed in our care have not developed the emotional stability or appropriate behavioral patterns necessary to function successfully in society.  For most of the young boys, an unstable or abusive home environment, coupled with negative educational experiences and community influences, have plagued their young existence.  St. Mary’s residential treatment program is designed to provide each client with the skills he will need to develop positive thinking patterns, increase his decision making capabilities, and replace negative impulse reactions with appropriate alternatives.


Treatment Program

St. Mary’s treatment modality encompasses a Cognitive Behavioral Interpersonal Program supported by a Token Economy System.


Each client’s treatment plan can include the following components

  • Individual and Group Therapy/Medical Management
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Family Counseling/Parent Training Sessions
  • Individual Skill Training
  • Juvenile Sex Awareness Program addressing treatment needs of clients, i.e., sex education, empathy, values, victimization, thinking errors, offense cycles and relapse prevention.
  • Survivors Program addressing those boys with identifiable physical and sexual abuse histories.
  • Drug and Alcohol Program
  • Juvenile Firesetters Program
  • Intellectual advancement through individualized instruction.
  • Physical development stressing cooperation and sportsmanship.
  • Emotional development geared to control impulses and anger.
  • Social development increasing acceptable behavior skills.
  • Transition and Aftercare Services



Approximately 70% of St. Mary’s funding is secured through the State of Oregon, with the remaining portion generated by this agency from direct mail campaigns, special event fund raising, corporate sponsorship and foundation appeals.


Geographic area served

The majority of referrals come from the State of Oregon.


Success Rate

Data gathered by our Research Specialist indicates eight of every ten boys graduating from St. Mary’s treatment program will: return to his family; be placed in a less structured care facility; or become gainfully employed if 18 years of age.



The Board of Directors at St. Mary’s understands the value of money spent on treatment is much wiser than money spent on prisons; for without treatment, prison promises to become the future home for today’s neglected and forgotten children.


General Inquiries

For general information, or if uncertain to whom an inquiry should be directed, please contact St. Mary’s Receptionist at 503-649-5651 Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (PST/PDT), or by E-mail at: reception@stmaryshomeforboys.org.


Vision Statement

All Youth Are Treatable


Mission Statement

St. Mary’s Home is dedicated to providing high risk youth and their families, the opportunity to become involved in change within an environment that embraces safety, security, and integrity, utilizing time tested, outcome oriented interventions delivered by a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to the concept that all youth are treatable.



We believe that Excellence is a standard our staff are encouraged to achieve.

We believe that “Openness to Change” will afford us
the opportunity to continually enhance the program.

We believe that Commitment starts with the cornerstone
principle that “All Youth are Treatable.”

We believe staff must model Integrity in their
decision making and behavior with others.

We value Diversity and commit ourselves to providing our youth
a non-discriminatory and culturally sensitive environment.

We believe that every boy and staff must be guaranteed a Safe and Secure
living/working environment which is Sanitary and Sensitive to the well being of others.

We value the “Whole Child” as a unique and
special person, having the full potential to change.

We commit ourselves to be a member of a Team which
Works together and helps each other achieve the agency’s goals.